Solar Thermal Systems captures energy from the sun via panels or evacuated tubes. The sun heats the panels or tubes, the fluid from which is then pumped through the system into coils within the hot water cylinder, transferring heat into the water stored there. This is then used to heat your home.

The most common place to mount the panels is on a south facing roof but they can be orientated to accommodate west or east facing buildings.


 Why have solar thermal?

  • There are currently government supported incentive schemes for solar thermal systems, we can advise you of what is applicable for your project on quotation

  • Lower your carbon footprint

  • Increase your energy efficiency and lower your energy bills

  • Long lifespan and little maintenance, roughly around 25 years

  • Smaller roof space needed when compared to solar PV panels

  • Increase your home’s property value

  • For new builds, they’re an effective means of adhering to modern building regulations.


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