Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating systems are becoming increasingly common and work well with renewable energy systems due to the low water temperatures required to operate the system. (UFH typically requires water at 35 – 45°C compared to radiators at 80°C).

The system works with pipework laid into the floor fabric during the build process, or retrofitted over the existing floor. The pipework is laid in continuous loops so there are no joins in the floor and these are connected to a manifold and control system which regulated the temperature.


Why have underfloor heating?

  • It is energy efficient. It runs at a much lower temperature than radiators, meaning less energy is used to heat your home, also lowering your energy bills.

  • Thermostats allow you to have full control of the temperature, giving a more consistent heat throughout the space.

  • Underfloor heating allows you to have more freedom in your house, utilising spaces where radiators would have been.

  • Underfloor heating can be seen as a modern addition to a property, potentially increasing your sale value.

  • Radiators gather a lot of dust, underfloor heating takes away the visual aspect of radiators and hassle of cleaning them.



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